Amazing Selfie

"The Best of the Best - 2018" COMPETITION REGULATIONS

Niemcz, April 2018

§ 1. Organiser

  1. The owner of the website, i.e. AmazingSelfie s.c. with its registered office in Niemcz (86-032) at 8 Narciarzy Street, is the organiser of the competition and the sponsor of prizes.

  2. The Organiser of the competition is responsible for monitoring the correctness of running the competition and its compliance with the provisions of the regulations.

  3. The Organiser has the right, at any time during the competition, to exclude a participant from taking part in the competition (and to refuse to award a prize), if it has reasonable suspicions that the participant acts in a way that is contrary to these regulations.

  4. In justified cases, the Organiser may change these regulations, but it is not obliged to it. Changes to the regulations will be introduced in the form of annexes and will apply from the moment of publishing the regulations in the changed form on the Organiser's website.

§ 2. Competition rules

  1. Adult natural persons may take part in the competition. Minors may take part in the competition only with the consent of their legal guardians. Producing the consent will be required only if one of prizes is won.

  2. The subject matter of the competition are photos presenting selfie-related topics.

  3. The competition is run on the community website from 15 April 2018 until 31 December 2018 (the time limit expires on 31 December 2018, 23:59). Results will be presented on 1 January 2019 after 02:00 of the Polish time.

  4. Each participant has to meet the following conditions:

  • it has to have or create only one profile according to the regulations

  • it has to have at least 3 selfies in the gallery

  1. The participant declares that it is the author of the selfie and holds exclusive copyright, and all persons visible on the photo agree to publish it by the Organiser of the competition.

  2. If copyright, proprietary rights or other rights related to the protection of image of third parties are violated, the participant of the competition bears full criminal and financial liability for the committed offence and agrees to satisfy claims of the injured party.

§ 3. Selection of winners

  1. Photos will be evaluated by other registered users of the website.

  2. Three photos with the greatest number of likes will be selected from among all photos taking part in the competition. If photos receive the same number of likes, the number of page views will decide about the sequence.

  3. The competition will be resolved on 1 January 2019, and results will be presented after 02:00 of the Polish time.

  4. The following prizes will be awarded in the competition:


One of three to choose:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ or Camera Go Pro 6 or Iphone X

+ financial prize of 10% of the in-kind prize value


Selfie Stick with Power Bank Re-fuel by DIGIPOWER

+ financial prize of 10% of the in-kind prize value



+ financial prize of 10% of the in-kind prize value

The financial prize will be deducted by the Organiser of the competition, that is obliged to pay tax on prizes to the competent Tax Office according to Article 30 section 1 item 2 of the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) dated 26 July 1991, from income (revenue) on wins in competitions, games, lotteries and pari-mutuel betting with bonus sales.

  1. All decisions related to the course of the competition are made by the Organiser. Decisions on awarding prizes are irrevocable.

  2. The winners of the competition will be informed by e-mail and on the main page of the website (message on Wall).

  3. Prizes are not subject to change into any equivalent.

§ 4. Prize

  1. Prizes in the competition are: Iphon X, Samsung Galaxy s9+ , Camera GoPro 6

and Power Bank GOAL ZERO FLIP30 , Selfie Stick with Power Bank Re-fuel by DIGIPOWER, to choose. A financial prize in the amount of 10% of the value of the awarded in-kind prize is added to each in-kind prize.

  1. Prizes will be sent by DHL, UPS or Fedex courier (depending on the country to which a prize is to be sent) by 31 March 2019.

  2. The Organiser of the competition will send the "prize collection form" to the e-mail address assigned to the User profile within 14 days of the end of the competition, so that the Winner may collect the prize. The winner will correctly fill in the form and send it by e-mail to the return address within 14 days of the date on which it obtains the form from the Organiser.

§ 5. Final provisions

  1. The regulations are available at the Organiser's website.

  2. The Organiser has the casting vote regarding issues related to the course of the Competition, not provided for by these regulations.

  3. The Organiser reserves the right to introduce changes into the regulations during the competition.